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I am Samarra Sands. I've been creating things in SL for about four years now. A variety of things like ladies clothing, shoes, wings, jewelry, neko tails & ears, furniture, wreathes, plants & garden ... just about anything that can be made ... I'm trying it all *looking for my niche* ;o}

Friday, January 1, 2010

OK it's photos time!

Oooops! Christmas is over ... well, I got busy and didn't get to add the Christmas sets but I will do so soon for posterity sake. Today is the first time I've actually had time to figure out how to post the pix LOL

Here are my Patriotic Gowns, I'm working on a shorter skirt version also. Please visit SandzabaR Store in world if you'd like to purchase any of these Patriotic Gowns they are currently priced at just 350L each! SLURL to the store is in the right column under the subheading of: !SnS! Creationz Links

United States of America (USA) Patriotic Gown

Canadian (CDN) Patriotic Gown

United Kingdom (UK) Patriotic Gown

Israeli (IS) Patriotic Gown

If you would like me to create a gown for your country please IM me (Samarra Sands) or drop me a notecard and we'll chat about it and see what I can come up with for you. The gown would be the same basic shape as these but would display your country's flag(s).

I'm using the LL *peace* pose for obvious reasons ... let's try to keep the peace worldwide!
* Hair by A&A (Ali & Ali) Designs
* Skin by me ;o}
* Jewelry by Earthstones