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I am Samarra Sands. I've been creating things in SL for about four years now. A variety of things like ladies clothing, shoes, wings, jewelry, neko tails & ears, furniture, wreathes, plants & garden ... just about anything that can be made ... I'm trying it all *looking for my niche* ;o}

Saturday, September 26, 2015

09/29/15 EVE Mesh Body ~ Elements Sparkle Gowns

WOW, I haven't posted here since 2011!? Well, I'm still alive and creating. However, due to bandwidth limitations I'm not on SL as much as I use to be.
My *new* favorite avatar is the EVE Mesh Body by Ginger Chevalier and that is what I currently design clothing for ... mostly just to wear myself but I have begun *sharing* my creations for EVE recently.
Here are my first four shared gowns, they are my *Elements* collection: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. All are for EVE Mesh Body only and if you purchase any of them you will have to use your EVE HUD to adjust your alpha accordingly.
These are all *Sparkle* Gowns and the pix just doesn't do them justice. If you'd like to see them by all means contact me in-world via Notecard, I'll get with you as soon as I'm able ... allow 24-48 hours for a reply please! Sorry, no DEMOs. The gowns themselves are mesh so you do need a Mesh Enabled Viewer to see them. The fluff skirt and wings are flexi.
Breath (Air)
Cascadia (Water)
Grounded (Earth)
Phoenix (Fire)
Again, these gowns are ONLY for EVE Mesh Body and using your EVE HUD to set alphas is important. I cannot guarantee what these will look like on an SL av.