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I am Samarra Sands. I've been creating things in SL for about four years now. A variety of things like ladies clothing, shoes, wings, jewelry, neko tails & ears, furniture, wreathes, plants & garden ... just about anything that can be made ... I'm trying it all *looking for my niche* ;o}

Saturday, September 26, 2015

!SnS! Creationz Blog

Welcome to !SnS! Creationz by Samarra Sands.

My in-world store, SandzabaR Store, has been closed. However, I do put some (not all) of my creationz on SL's Marketplace. Periodically I'll post pix of those creationz here as well. Yes, I like my Z key ;o}

Here's a link to my Marketplace store ...

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