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I am Samarra Sands. I've been creating things in SL for about four years now. A variety of things like ladies clothing, shoes, wings, jewelry, neko tails & ears, furniture, wreathes, plants & garden ... just about anything that can be made ... I'm trying it all *looking for my niche* ;o}

Monday, December 7, 2015

12/07/15 More *Sparkle* for EVE Mesh Body ...

Two of my newer *sparkle* gowns for EVE Slim & Pulpy Mesh Bodies are show below. Visit my Marketplace store (link on this page) to purchase if you'd like one for yourselves. Be aware, these are ONLY for EVE Slim &/or Pulpy Mesh Bodies. You would be buying the gown(s) only, other items such as: jewelry (Purple Moon); hair (rezology); tattoo, skin, and underclothing appliers (made by me, Samarra Sands) would not be included. EVE owners would need to use their EVE Alpha settings as shown and possibly more depending on if you've changed your EVE default shape. If you buy these gowns for another av/body I make NO guarantee it will fit right. These gowns are COPY only.
EVE DiamondsR3Ever *Sparkle* Gown
EVE Winterflakes *Sparkle* Gown
Sadly, the pix just don't do the gowns justice! When you visit my Marketplace store be sure to "Sort by Newest First".
Thanks for viewing ;o}